Frequently Asked Questions

When do my meals get delivered?

All meals are prepared fresh every Monday and we then deliver them to your door on a Tuesday. If this doesn’t suit you then please contact us and we can arrange alternate delivery times.

If you attend Top Dog Academy Training we can arrange drop off to this location and you can take your meals home from there. Please contact us to let us know what class you attend.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes you absolutely can. If you wish do this then please contact us directly through [email protected]

Please note that if you wish to cancel then let us know a week early so we don’t make your meals. If you don’t give us a weeks notice then you will have to do one more week before we cancel.

If I am going on holidays can I pause my deliveries?

Yes you absolutely can. Please contact us through [email protected] and we can arrange to pause your subscription. We have a minimum pause time of one week.

If you are going on holidays and don’t wish to pause your subscription then please contact us and we can arrange to supply 2-3 weeks worth of meals for you to take with you.

If your doggo is going into a boarding kennel while you are away then we can also arrange delivery to where they are staying so they don’t miss out on their delicious meals and great nutrition.

Can I alter the serving sizes of my meals?

Yes you absolutely can. We understand that getting the right serving size may be difficult to start with, that’s why we are always flexible.

Our serving size has been calculated based on the recommended amount of food per kg of weight for you dog. You need to take into consideration your dogs lifestyle and breed when selecting this weight and choose something a little more or a little less if needed.

If you find that the serving amount you are receiving is a little too much or not enough then please contact us through [email protected] and we will happily work with you to alter it and get the perfect amount for your doggo.

Which meal plan will be best for me to get?

This is a very personal choice for you to make as you know your dog best. All of our meal plans are great in their own way.

Our recommended meal plan is the dry and wet plan. This plan has a great combination of dry kibble and wet food. Especially if you have a young dog this plan is great as the dry kibble has a large amount of micro-nutrients for their growing bodies and the wet mix contains all the macro-nutrients they need to keep them healthy and strong.

The all wet plan is a great option if your dog is a fussy eater or is a senior dog who has trouble eating the dry kibble. This meal plan still provides them with great nutrients and is gentle and easy for them to eat.

The dinner only plan is the ideal balance if your dog is on a special diet or you already have a dry food that you wish to continue them with. You will just receive one meal in this plan and you can feed this to them at any time in the day. Although, please note that with this plan, the meal you will receive will be half of the daily recommended serving amount for you dog. This is because it is assumed you are feeding something else for the other meal.

If you start one one meal plan and then don’t think it is right for your dog then please contact us through [email protected] and we can easily change to an alternate plan. Also, if you need help deciding on the right plan for your dog then please contact us.

How are the meals cooked?