How we make Doggo Delish meals

Each Doggo Delish meal is prepared fresh each week, portioned out for each individual doggo, vacuum sealed to ensure freshness and then delivered right to your door.

Step 1: Prepare & Cook Ingredients

Firstly, we prepare all the fresh ingredients for the meals. This consists of top quality meat, fresh vegetables, wholesome grains and supplements.

These ingredients are then slow cooked in a pot to ensure no nutrients are lost in the process and maximum flavour is contained.

Step 2: Portioning and Packaging

Once the meals have been cooked we portion out the serving sizes for each individual dog based on their weight. Each meal is put into a vacuum sealing bag and then vacuum sealed to ensure freshness.

Having each meal vacuum sealed increases the time it can be kept in the fridge and stay fresh. We don’t freeze any of our meals, we deliver them fresh. Therefore, when you receive them you may freeze them if you wish. If you don’t want to freeze them, they will stay fresh for the whole week if you keep them in the fridge.

Step 3: Delivery to your doorstep

Once the meals have been packed for your doggo we then deliver them right to your door step. No stress, time or effort for you at all.

If you aren’t home, no need to worry, we use ice packs in all our boxes to ensure your meals stay cool during the day. When you get home just unpack and put them in the fridge.

Please note: At Doggo Delish we are conscious of our environment and love to reuse whenever possible. Please leave your delivery box and ice packs at the door each week and when we deliver your new meals we will take the old packaging boxes with us and use them again the following week.